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Bässler Group is an independent business management consultancy located in Bellevue, Washington.


We specialize in providing highly personalized accounting and back-office support services to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and fast-growing startups.


Our work often involves connecting with our business clients and their CPAs, attorneys, and wealth managers on complex financial matters, providing accounting and financial analysis, strategic consulting, and business management reporting.


Startups and foreign business entities trust us to set up their business structures and help ensure accounting and compliance based on United States requirements.


High-net-worth individuals and family offices look to us for outsourced family financial needs including: accounting, financial reporting, bill pay, cash flow analysis, and estate, tax and investment planning and coordination.


Whatever the scope of our work, we approach every task with our signature hyper-focused attention to detail and a can-do attitude — always delivered with a smile.


Bässler Group exists to simplify our clients' lives, freeing them to do their best work.


Always be ready.

Disciplined completion of our daily tasks hones our achievement mindset and establishes a state of preparedness that allows us to contribute to successful outcomes swiftly.

Organization is beautiful.

Be a conductor of chaos. Move masterfully with graceful proficiency and deliberate confidence. Produce work that crosses the threshold of ordinary—embracing our aesthetic senses.

Believe it's possible.

Default to optimism.  Always believing there is a solution. Be a champion for the undeveloped potential that resides inside every situation.

Deep understanding.

Strategic solutions arise from knowledge gained through a comprehensive awareness of the problem. Achieving this requires meeting the unknown with compassion and a curious mind.

Patricia Bässler

Prior to founding Bässler Group, Patricia’s career began in public accounting with an emphasis on tax and compliance. She later became a controller focusing on family office, private investments, and tax strategy. Her optimism, understanding of both client and business needs, as well as her passion for business and accounting propelled Patricia to create Bässler Group.


Patricia’s devotion ensures that every client has an individualized experience tailored to their specific needs. She brings a principled approach and can-do spirit to tackle what can seem like insurmountable chaos created by the acquisition and financial maintenance of multiple entities. She has designed business management systems and built a rock-star team at Bässler Group to manage the financial operations for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, start-ups, and small businesses, specializing in day-to-day accounting functions, taxes, treasury, and multi-tier partnerships.


Patricia lives in Kirkland Washington with her husband, two teenage sons, and loving dogs. When away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and is always supporting her family’s many endeavors.

Meet Your Dream Team

Chelsea Cicala


Chelsea comes from a background in public accounting with a focus on assurance. She has spent 7+ years in client-facing roles and building intentional relationships. Her attention to detail and embracing the importance of client needs ensures deadlines are met and client requests are fulfilled. She is passionate about delivering quality work as well as connecting with others. Her organized approach to tackling projects and directing team members creates an efficiently run office. She loves spending quality time with friends and family on spontaneous weekend trips. With her love of accounting and building relationships, mentoring the expanding Bässler team has become one of her favorite leadership roles.

Paige Deguchi

Senior Accountant

Paige’s passion for learning has allowed her to grow from a staff accountant at Bässler into her current role. A background in athletics helped Paige develop the discipline and standard of excellence that shines in all her work. Her high-quality results are the product of her dependability and grit, allowing her to manage competing deadlines. Adaptability informs her approach to complex financial structures and combines with her ability to absorb new information to produce elevated reports and analyses. Her energetic and determined personality inspires the team and keeps projects on schedule.

Megan Gettis

Office Administrator/Accounting Assistant

With more than eight years of experience in customer service and a background in management, Megan keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine. Whether she is overseeing billing, helping create schedules, making sense of administrative tasks, or ensuring we don’t run out of coffee, Megan is vital to this office! She is persistently soaking up as much knowledge as possible to expand her role. Her cheerful personality, dedicated work ethic, and thorough mindset ensure the work is done while the team stays engaged and happy to be here!

Britt Hurtin

Staff Accountant

Britt brings a different perspective to the office as she has a diverse work history which ranges from accounting and management to fashion and photography. She brings an organized, vibrant, and friendly presence to the office, remaining focused whether the assignment is routine or extraordinary. Her meticulousness elevates her ability to complete each task with great attention to detail. Britt's positive attitude and thirst for knowledge make her an essential member of the Bässler team!

Lynn Burns

Staff Accountant

With more than ten years of experience in wealth management and accounting, Lynn leverages her research tenacity and passion for data analytics to curate reports for client-specific needs. She exhibits an adaptable approach to complex financial structures to make the client’s financial world smooth sailing. Due to her emphasis on compliance from her fiduciary and audit background, Lynn ensures thorough and efficient processing of client services. With her diverse financial knowledge and passion for identifying trends and creating structure, Lynn never ceases to find ways to improve the overall client experience.

We Make It Simple, Even If It's Complicated

When you delegate management of the day-to-day details of your financial life to Bässler, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of by experts dedicated to serving your unique needs.

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