We Are Hiring

Apply your business finance skills in ways that computers and AI just can’t offer by joining the team at Bässler Group.


My name is Patricia Bässler. I am the Founder and Principal of Bässler Group. We are currently looking to hire for a few roles in our Bellevue office.

If you’re a professional in financial services, these are four reasons why our team could be a match for your talents.


1. Work/Life Balance

I realize that remote work is the latest fashion and that the idea of coming to the office each day could be considered a negative mark to some job seekers. Remote work comes with some benefits, I’m sure. But it also has some tradeoffs, and one of those is a lack of clear separation between work and life.


We work hard to play hard and I mean that. When you’re at the office, you’re at work. When you’re out of the office you are not working.


2.  A Place to Belong

It is important to feel like you know and are accepted by the people you work with so that you can truly experience the joys of working towards something greater than yourself. Feelings of belonging don’t just happen, they are created in the day-to-day office culture.


We create belongingness in our daily morning meetings where we talk about work, of course, but we also weave in fun topics. 


3. The Work

Work/life balance and a culture of belongingness are super important for the work that we do at Bässler Group. The problems we solve are complex and don’t fit into the latest and greatest fintech software solution. Yes, we do accounting, bookkeeping, and bill pay, but we also create a financial structure where non-existed before. This takes creativity, collaboration, and good old-fashioned grit.


Because of this, you will have ample opportunity to apply your business finance skills in ways that computers and AI just can’t offer. I’ll help you hone in on what your unique talents are and make sure you get the projects that make your heart sing so you can keep your personal value prop uber relevant.


4. Our Clients

We create structure, organization, and solve problems in areas that our clients value, but don’t have the time, energy, or desire to do. We keep our bar high when it comes to customer acquisition so that the value we bring as financial professionals are respected and appreciated.


That means you don’t have to worry about working with people who do not treat you right. We believe that our well-being and that of our clients’ well-being are incredibly important, and making sure we honor that by only accepting those relationships that align with our values.


So, if you’re someone who likes the clear separation between home and work, prefers a professional work atmosphere, and enjoys building relationships with the people you work with, I‘d love to have a conversation with you. 


These are the positions we are currently hiring for, but we are also on the look-out for other creative and talented financial professionals. Reach out to us to learn more about working with Bässler Group.